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By Elle Muliarchyk in collaboration with Rebecca Taylor, this brilliant installation is inspired by The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, a Swedish fairy tale in which a boy is shrunk by a gnome and flies across Sweden on the backs of migrating geese. Situated in New York in the Rebecca Taylor flagship store on Madison Avenue, the whole project makes for a fantastic piece of collaboration, there’s yet another reason to enter the store, besides the wonderful clothes now! 

Mini interview with SpliceLit

As part of a joint mini interview collaboration, we have worked with the wonderful online magazine SpliceLit to bring you an insight into the workings of what it takes to run a creative site. You can read our responses over on their blog here. And here are the questions we put to the team;

How is it that your magazine came to life? And how challenging is it to run a creative magazine coming up with concepts each issue?

SpliceLit has been a collaborative effort and changing everyday. The idea first came to Veda during her senior year of college, after writing a paper about digressions in literature. She was also playing a game called The Path, an interactive retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The game helped her realize that the way we consume information and the way we tell stories (fiction or about life) has changed drastically! Veda brought up the idea at a writing group and, along with Meagan and Rachel, worked on bringing our ideas about reading and interactivity to life. The concepts for each issues come from writers. If we find a story or a writer that we love, we reach out and work with them to create something that will inspire other artists!

How do you think online magazines compare to print? Do you think SpliceLit would ever make the progression into print?
Online magazines allow for a community—comment sections encourage conversation and SpliceLit encourages our readers to interact directly with the story. All these things are possible in print (highlight a passage, cutting out an image from a newspaper and making a zine using the image), but not as immediate as publishing online. Currently, SpliceLit is solely an online magazine—it works best for our mission. 
What is the most exciting part about combining visual artists and writers to create something new?
Collaboration is such a natural aspect of any type of art, and it’s very rewarding bringing artists across mediums together to produce one complete, original piece of work. It’s great because no one really knows what the finished product is going to look like until it’s completed - and the finished product is different for everyone, including our readers. It’s also fascinating to see the same story or the same character from so many different points of view - it makes everything deeper and more three dimensional. 
Who has been the most interesting person/people that you have met through the magazine? And why?
We get to meet so many people who are supportive and interested in our goals. One of the best aspects of SpliceLit is that it makes story a democratic experience - each reader and artist contributes something special and important to the magazine

Where do you as a team, see your future as a website and magazine going? And finally, what upcoming projects are you working on?
Our first issue was a learning experience: it helped us find our voice and aesthetic. In our second issue, we hope to improve and strengthen our design to encourage people to participate in the story and digressions. We are really excited about Issue 2: Prayers—we are working with some cool artists who have really pushed the love story in innovative directions! 
Their first issue was a fascinating read and I’m excited to read the second when it comes out, there’s something so wonderful about getting different groups of creative individuals together to make something new. You can view their issue one here.