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For those that didn’t see it, I’m creating a new online magazine and I want to include as many different creative and cultural elements as I can to make it a diverse magazine. It’s going to be free online and would be great for up and coming designers, artists, creative writers and bloggers to get…

I’ve submitted an article, I think you should too, it’s a really great opportunity. Keep an eye out for the next issue.

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Now accepting submissions!

We are now accepting submissions of art work, if you want to submit your own stuff, feel free!

Just make sure you put the credit on your submission, acceptance will depend on if the work fits the demographic of the site also, but I’m excited to see what things we get!

Submit away!

By Sarah O’Sullivan - Tensions and Settlement Patterns
By Sarah O’Sullivan - Tensions and Settlement Patterns

By Ian Reynold, looking at these stunning photorealistic paintings you become allured by the way that light is somehow put across, the subjects skin almost glows with translucency. I’m eager to see more from him!

By Luzia Soares - The Foxes

By Tony Gaglio, I just had a message from this brilliant digital artist showing off some truly abstract, magical images, I would adore to have one of these in a hi-res as my desktop wallpaper. He has one of the most well designed, quality Tumblr’s around too, the forthcoming t-shirts with these designs on also look right up my street, check them out! Thanks to Tony for submitting them!

By JL Maas, the first in a series of inter-related short films that work with ideas of symbolism, dreamlike sculptures and performances of a strange, bizarre world. This burial ritual is a really interesting piece for me, it has many similarities with my person work.

"I investigate the subconscious realities that are offered through symbolism in dreams.  I often make work based on my dreams, because dreams are symbolic interpretations of reality. There is something both lost and born when translating these intangible realities into a physical form." 


By Kim Keever, back in March I posted about some stunning dream-like landscapes mysteriously shot in a fish tank, I just had an email from Kim, who once again has been working his magic and making this series called, Shell Man. Such eerily distorted human forms that have been made from plaster and mixed media, the way that ripples of paint in the water resemble coloured mists amaze me. There is also a wonderfully insightful interview-come-studio visit with him over on New Art TV.

By Roselina Hung, this Vancouver based artist makes these beautiful huge drawings with coloured pencils of mass subjects with perfect detail. The text overlay adds something else to each piece that I really feel drawn to and just adore.

She is currently applying for a residency in Reykjavik, Iceland to work on her project, Pretty Boys Kill Me, which you can read more about and help fund here, please do! It will be wonderful to see the project actually happen! She’s also on Tumblr so you can follow her work even more.

By Bryan Willis, such head-turning digital reconstructions, that have such an interesting mix of layered photography and graphic eye for shape and colour. The palette of colours have such a carefully selected touch, I love that I can’t tell how many images each piece is made from.