Posts tagged with ‘surreal’

By Alex Stoddard, the second time around that this incredibly talented young photographer has had his work circulating the internet, he only improved since finishing his 365 project. These darker, mysterious images are stunning, the top image is so beautiful.


By Fulvio Di Piazza, strikingly intricate and bizarre surrealist painter from Italy, the work has an elemental aspect that suggests to me; a very science fiction, beginning of an alien world where everything is unsettled, still morphing and changing to shape the landscapes.


By Apolo Cacho, these gorgeous surreal paintings about the relationship between art and human beings from the Mexico City-based artist, have such brilliant colour and form within them. The textures also give them such a great depth that makes one want to touch the surfaces. 


By Caleb Brown, the New York-based artist paints these amazing surreal scenes, combining hyper-realistic animals which unusual landscapes. The piece with the otters has to be my favourite. 

By Amy Guidry, these wonderful surreal paintings are a selection from the body, In Our Veins, which has a psychological approach to address the depictions of life & death cycles, and human relationships to nature. They all have a brilliant realism to them that made me at first, question if I were looking at digital manipulations.