By Ágústa Sveinsdóttir, in this industrial, contemporary collection of jewellery from a graduating student of the Iceland Academy of the Arts, the whole collection features dust as a vital element. Making the viewer consider the value that we place on materials and transforming waste to something precious. 

By Ainslie Henderson, this haunting video was created for the British band James' song Moving On — the animation is a stop-motion creation made from yarn and is one of the most emotional animations to feature as a music video that I've seen. Touching stuff. 

By Bjarke Ingels Groups (BIG), such a visually impressive architectural maze constructed in the National Building Museum in Washington DC. The concept with the maze, has you enter from the outer edge with a restricted obstructed view, that gradually becomes clearer and easier to navigate as you progress toward the centre. 

By Nava Lubelski, working with the idea of destruction and restoration, tearing and cutting stained areas of a painted canvas then carefully repairing them with embroidery. The web-like structures over the larger holes are beautiful and embellish the repair work in such a precious way, the contrasting colours on the final image really stand out for me too.

By Zim & Zou, this extraordinary window display for a Hermés store in Barcelona is entirely made from paper and leather. Made wholly by hand ‘The Fox’s Den' is a complete habitat with stunning details like paper-cut pictures on the wall of the fox's life.


By Shaun Bloodworth, this is one of the most stylish, and beautiful short films I have had the pleasure of watching in a long time. Ernest Wright & Sons is one of the last hand-makers of scissors in England, and boy, are they good at what they do — my own trusty fabric shears are made by them, and this film shows off their traditional craft perfectly!


By Alban Guého, situated near the entrance to a hotel in France this strange, tactile installation is an abstract interpretation of an ancient Greek myth, the work is titled ‘Medusa’. The long wool fibres look so tempting to walk through under the installation, lovely stuff.


By Nastaja Duthois, these wonderful embroideries some huge scale that manage to fill large space, and other smaller intricate pieces—all work with negative space in a brilliantly effective way, and I especially like the black thread images. 


By Tara Donovan, these wonderful installation/sculptures, each one made out of one easily produced material are beautiful accumulative pieces of work that have such a huge effect on a empty gallery space. The towering columns are my favourites by far. 

‘because the surfaces of my work do often shift and follow the perspective of the viewer, there is a perceptual movement that coincides with a person’s physical movement within the gallery space.’


By Jarmila Mitrikova & David Demjanovic, the Slovakia-based art duo work on boards of wood with the clever combination of painting and pyrography scorching the wood in place of pen or pencil lines. It has a lovely etching-like effect of line work that works so well.