By Nastaja Duthois, these wonderful embroideries some huge scale that manage to fill large space, and other smaller intricate pieces—all work with negative space in a brilliantly effective way, and I especially like the black thread images. 


By Tara Donovan, these wonderful installation/sculptures, each one made out of one easily produced material are beautiful accumulative pieces of work that have such a huge effect on a empty gallery space. The towering columns are my favourites by far. 

‘because the surfaces of my work do often shift and follow the perspective of the viewer, there is a perceptual movement that coincides with a person’s physical movement within the gallery space.’


By Jarmila Mitrikova & David Demjanovic, the Slovakia-based art duo work on boards of wood with the clever combination of painting and pyrography scorching the wood in place of pen or pencil lines. It has a lovely etching-like effect of line work that works so well.

By Gemma Green-Hope, it isn’t often that I find myself captivated by short film, but this ode to the artists late grandmother is a touching, and beautiful depiction of a fascinating, magical lady that can now be remembered by all. 


By Ayano Tsukimi, this curious little village in the valleys of Shikoku, Japan has such a dwindling population of only a few dozen people that the artist taken steps to re-populate it, after a fashion. Documented by Fritz Schumann, in a film about the project you can see more. They’re such wonderful sculptures that have their own individual characters and personalities, I love the fisherman. 




Noctua the Vörðr

This is my contribution to Light Grey Art Labs Animystics show in Minneapolis. I’m so incredibly flattered to be part of such a wonderful show with so many incredibly talented artists. What even more awesome though is that its a animal benefit show with a portion of the proceeds going towards the Animal Humane Society, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, and Feline Rescue Inc. You can support this project by purchasing prints, or donating to Light Grey Art Lab.

My spirit animals name is Noctua and she manifests herself in the form of a moth. She’s a warden spirit or vörðr and often appears during periods of metamorphosis in the life of the person she’s connected to. Noctua teaches sensitivity to physical and spiritual awareness as well as heightened intuition. When you align yourself fully with Noctua she will show you how to trust your instincts and to find your own light and clarity in moments of darkness. 

You can purchase so many piece of wonderful original art and prints from the show here includingthe framed original of my piece.

I also have a hand full of hand finished/gilded and signed prints that are on their way to the gallery as we speak! 

I post a bunch of progress work as well as random geeky stuff on my Instagram account if you fancy checking that out.

Plus. here’s a bunch of places I also post my stuff - Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and Society6

The show opens tonight! Are any of you going? I can’t make it unfortunately but I really wish I was going. If anyone goes and takes a photo of this in situ I’ll probably love you forever! 😁

(Source:, via matthaytonillustration)

By Livio Scarpella, these amazing carved stone sculptures are each embedded with a beautiful crystal in the centre. There’s something mystical and magical about the crystalline structure rooted in the heart of each veiled stone figure too.


By ustwo games, having been anticipating the release of the stunning game that is Monument Valley for some months now, it’s incredible success and extraordinary originality as a iOS game is amazing. I have never wanted to frame each level on my wall as I’ve progressed through a game so much! 

By Keegan Luttrell, Postcards From Atlantis — these beautiful Rorschach-esque photographic manipulations are representations of locations that present the relics and ruins left after chaos strikes. 

By Hari & Deepti, each of these incredible hand-cut paper diorama’s has a delicate LED light inside it to illuminate the scene perfectly, has been crafted by the artist couple. The depth and detail of each story is transformed by that tiny glowing light.